Tag: invasive species

  • Ep 53 Zebra Mussels and Fantasy Football

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner talk about a little critter getting into lakes across North America, Zebra Mussels. Then in The Random Take Josh brings Tim a photo and Fantasy Football talk begins. Support on Patreon Follow us on the Socials. Twitter: https://twitter.com/reelaf_tv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reelaftv Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reelaf.tv/ Get some merch here: http://reelaf.tv/store Hosted and Produced […]

  • Ep 37 Armored Catfish and Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner often talk fishing and random takes. This episode it’s all about a fish that blew Josh’s mind. The Armored Catfish. Though not technically a single species it is one interesting fish. From a hard shell, to the ability to “walk” from one body of water to the next. This is […]

  • 2021 Halloween Special

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner usually talk fishing and random takes. This episode is one of the holiday specials. The talk starts with fishing as the Reel AF TV Podcast format has taken on lately. Don’t worry the topic quickly changes to Halloween and the boys go! Support on Patreon 00:00 Team Forever Young Removed […]

  • EP 29 Fishing News Aug 2021 and The Crazy Internet

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner always talk fishing and random takes. In this episode the boys are a little foggy as Tim hits like Mic COVID-19 positive, and Josh has been taking care of his sick family, but they eventually pull it together to get the fishing topic and the random take done in a […]

  • EP. 19 Giant Salvinia and New 2021 Movies at Home

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner always talk fishing and random takes. In this podcast the boys talk about an aquatic invasive plant that is or was just running a muck on the Southern United States. There was a big weather front that hit the South in February 2021. It was tough for people and Giant […]

  • EP. 16 Carp Kill. 2,300 lbs of Carp Removed… and Cooking Fish

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner always talk fishing and random takes. March is the beginning of Winter turning into Spring. Winter is still strong in the Northern Hemisphere so the guys keep it about ice fishing with an article from a local new media outlet SouthWest Media. Josh brings the article to Tim so they […]

  • EP. 5 We Get Drunk – Koi/Gold Fish and Our Childhood Movies – The Reel AF TV Podcast

    “We got drunk in this one.” Tim and Josh get into the Koi and Gold Fish problem in Minnesota. They are an invasive species and have been an issue in local waters. Don’t flush or release the fish you don’t want. Then they get into the movies that made them. Maybe not made, but some […]