TLDR: We want to be fun, funny and teach you a thing or two about fishing. It’s pretty much a two person show right now—Tim Wagner & Josh LaBaw. Tim fishes with passion and Josh does “the computers. We’re always working on new ideas so please give that “follow”. Thanks for coming over.

Think you just stumbled into a mumbling tall tale fish story factory? Wrong! We’re a small team of two front facing Minnesotans with a common goal. Make stuff we’d watch and listen too. Though Reel AF TV is an entertainment outlet centered around fishing, fishing is not all you’ll get. Where Tim Wagner is more the fisher, and Josh LaBaw is more of the techie, their interests overlap like sliced roast beef at a Golden Corral. Much like the all you can eat buffet, Reel AF TV hopes to give you choice. Knowing there’s likely to be fishing mixed in no matter what you choose.

Josh LaBaw is a tech professional, and because he grew up in MN he’s been fishing for many years. However he don’t know shit about it. With a large swath of skills perfectly catered to bring an entertainment outlet to the internet Josh finally has found the place, Reel AF TV. Now things are bound to get nerdy from time to time –so Josh can talk too. In fact, him being the Producer on The Reel AF TV Podcast, the reason for the second half “random take”. This way Josh can get Tim to stop talking fishing.

Now that you know Tim Wagner is the passionate Fisherman you also need to know that he can hang with the geeky topics too. A man of man interests and a drive like no other. Tim fuels Reel AF TV. Constantly brainstorming, making things that make him and others laugh, Tim really drives the boat—see what we did there. He brings years of on-the-water experience, and a high level of excitement to making informing entertaining. Always humble about his fishing skills he admits he’s not the best, but he’s always learning, and that is better than a lot.

Now that you know the faces and main contributors to Reel AF TV–Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner. We must mention that none of this is possible without the backing of our families. Working day jobs and making Reel AF TV is a lot, and wouldn’t be possible without them. Though they mostly say anonymous and off the content they are the foundation.

Let’s sum this up and get to some content. Reel AF TV is mainly two guys who want to make entertaining things for you that maybe you’ll learn from. Fishing is what got us going and fishing is what you’ll mostly get. Now what is that closing everyone always says? “Like, subscribe, please give us a Review?” LOL! Thank you, seriously, thanks.