EP. 19 Giant Salvinia and New 2021 Movies at Home

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EP. 19 Giant Salvinia and New 2021 Movies at Home

Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner always talk fishing and random takes. In this podcast the boys talk about an aquatic invasive plant that is or was just running a muck on the Southern United States. There was a big weather front that hit the South in February 2021. It was tough for people and Giant Salvinia, but that is good for people and specifically Fishers. It’s a crazy plant and it they go into detail about this plant and how to help.

Then in the second half random take, it’s all about Big Blockbuster Movies at home. HBO Max and Disney+ have really come out swinging with movies coming straight to their platforms day in date with theaters where theaters are open. There is much talk about the new movies, the platforms and of Mortal Kombat.

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