EP 29 Fishing News Aug 2021 and The Crazy Internet

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EP 29 Fishing News Aug 2021 and The Crazy Internet

Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner always talk fishing and random takes. In this episode the boys are a little foggy as Tim hits like Mic COVID-19 positive, and Josh has been taking care of his sick family, but they eventually pull it together to get the fishing topic and the random take done in a different way this episode.

The Fishing topic this episode is a different format for The Reel AF TV Podcast. It’s a couple news like topics from the fishing world. The first one is an article about the Tennessee River and their Asian Carp problem. The second news is that the MN DNR is looking to up the average Sunfish size in many lakes across the state, and they want your input.

In The Random Take the show goes a little different format from the past. Tim and Josh bring a few topics from the internet. Just somethings where the internet made us pause, and learn something crazy. It’s got everything killer snails, coyotes, a 4X speeding ticket and more! Lol

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Links From the Pod:

Invasive Carp: https://www.outdoorlife.com/fishing/invasive-carp-commercial-fishing/

MN DNR Quality Sunfish Initiative: https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/fish/sunfish/index.html

MeatEater Coyote Meat: https://youtu.be/3FyPouw2ok4

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