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  • Ep 41 2022 MN Fishing Regs, Conservation and 16-Bit Games

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner talk fishing and random takes. This episode—even with it’s tech issues—brings Tim and Josh to the regs book. It’s a “new fishing” year in MN. The guys talk about it and talk about conservation of our fishing future. The Random Take brings the guys back to Video Games. This time […]

  • EP 31 Peacock Bass in FL and Nintendo (64) Online

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner always talk fishing and random takes. In this episode Tim and Josh talk about peacocks…Peacock Bass that is. There are Butterfly Peacock Bass in the United States State of Florida. This fish—native to South America—was introduced to Florida and the guys dive into that and fishing them. Then in the […]

  • EP. 6 Practice Casting and Fighting Video Games

    The question is posed. To get good at anything there is the need to practice. How does one practice fishing? Do you practice your cast? Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner get into that. Practice make perfect. Then in the second half. More video game talk. Get used to it. They get into it with fighting […]