EP 31 Peacock Bass in FL and Nintendo (64) Online

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EP 31 Peacock Bass in FL and Nintendo (64) Online

Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner always talk fishing and random takes. In this episode Tim and Josh talk about peacocks…Peacock Bass that is. There are Butterfly Peacock Bass in the United States State of Florida. This fish—native to South America—was introduced to Florida and the guys dive into that and fishing them.

Then in the second half—The Random Take—the guys talk about the most recent Nintendo Direct. Just one part of it. The Nintendo Online presentation. It was a small part of the Direct, but Tim and Josh find a lot to talk about. N64 and Sega Genesis were around when the boys were kids so they go off.

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00:00 “World Record” Meanmouth Bass from TX and The Wild Boys

09:50 Housekeeping We are on Amazon Music (Kind of)

12:36 Fishing Topic: There are Peacock Bass in Florida

55:15 Break

55:29 The Random Take: Nintendo Online (N64, Sega Genesis)

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Hosted and Produced by: Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner

Mixed and Edited by: Josh LaBaw