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  • EP. 14 Why Does No One Target Bass Ice Fishing? and Super Bowl Commercials

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner as the hard hitting questions. Why does no one fish Bass through the ice. Ice Fishing is not like being on the open water. The boys as the question, bring some research and hypothesize why Americas sport fish is just not a target during the frozen winters of the North. […]

  • EP. 13 Our Ice Fishing Past and Nintendo Switch

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner bring you a Reel AF TV Podcast fit for sitting in an ice house getting your fish on. In this episode they start off talking about ice fishing. More specifically memories and what they have learned along the short short time they have spend doing it. Part 2. The Random […]

  • The 2020 Christmas Special – The Reel AF TV Podcast

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner usually talk about Fishing and Random Takes. This is their Christmas holiday special. Christmas is going to be different this year. Whether your Christmas suffers this year or you find it a bright spot in a hard year. The boys wanted to bring you some holiday entertainment from Reel AF […]

  • EP. 10 Building a Beginner Tackle Box and The Cost of a Hobby

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner come back with the typical format of Fishing and random takes from The Land of 10,000 Lakes. This week they tackle—see what we did there—the big topic of how to a start a tackle box. The beginner tackle box can seem like a daunting task. Tim and Josh break it […]

  • EP. 9 Fall Bass Fishing and Fall Cooking

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner talk about Bass Fishing in the fall. Thought the internet might lead you to believe that mostly the southern United States would be into fall fishing. Places like Arkansas and Alabama, but it’s not just the south, all of North America is getting in on fall fishing in October. Listen […]

  • EP. 8 Nightcrawlers and PS5 vs XBox Series X

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner talk more about Nightcrawlers than they thought they could. From the anatomy of the worm to of course ways of fishing with it. For the fishing segment being about worms you really get a feel for how much these 2 are curious people about all the details of fishing. Then […]