EP. 10 Building a Beginner Tackle Box and The Cost of a Hobby

Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner come back with the typical format of Fishing and random takes from The Land of 10,000 Lakes. This week they tackle—see what we did there—the big topic of how to a start a tackle box. The beginner tackle box can seem like a daunting task. Tim and Josh break it down. Explain how it can seem like a it is to big to start, but in fact there are just some basics that one needs to put together some tackle to get fishing. Then in the second half the topic of the cost of a hobby comes up. Hobbies are more than just financial cost. Fishing is not always expensive but any hobby one gets passionate about can being to add up fast. Again it’s not always money, time is a factor as well. Passion meets real life in this discussion about what motivate Tim and Josh to keep at their hobbies they love.