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  • EP. 5 We Get Drunk – Koi/Gold Fish and Our Childhood Movies – The Reel AF TV Podcast

    “We got drunk in this one.” Tim and Josh get into the Koi and Gold Fish problem in Minnesota. They are an invasive species and have been an issue in local waters. Don’t flush or release the fish you don’t want. Then they get into the movies that made them. Maybe not made, but some…

  • EP. 4 Walleye and What’s Old Is New Again

    In this episode Josh and Tim talk about Walleye, Minnesota’s state fish, in all kinds of ways. Form the regulations to the cooking. Then in the second half they talk about how everything seems to be a remake today. Why is that and why is it not all bad.

  • Not just for Minnesotans

    Don’t get us wrong. We are unabashedly Minnesotans. We are going to talk about Minnesota, and what we know from being local. However we don’t want you to just think we’ll be two Minnesotans telling tall fish tales. The goal of Reel AF TV is to be entertaining. Listen to us B.S. Learn with, and…