Tag: fishing stories

  • Ep 43 True Fishing Tales and Cooking Origin Stories

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner talk fishing and random takes. There are “fishing tales” and everyone has ’em. The boys drop a few in this episode but they swear they are true Then in The Random Take it’s time to talk cooking. How did they get into cooking. It’s an origin story of types. Support […]

  • EP. 22 Fishing Opener Weekend 2021 and PS5 Shortage – Gaming Today

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner always talk fishing and random takes. This episodes whole episode is two pals catching up. Josh and Tim talk about Tim CRAZY adventures fishing over the Minnesota Fishing Opener. The second half random take the boys talk PS5. How the shortage is effecting their choices, and how they are gaming […]

  • EP. 13 Our Ice Fishing Past and Nintendo Switch

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner bring you a Reel AF TV Podcast fit for sitting in an ice house getting your fish on. In this episode they start off talking about ice fishing. More specifically memories and what they have learned along the short short time they have spend doing it. Part 2. The Random […]