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  • EP. 14 Why Does No One Target Bass Ice Fishing? and Super Bowl Commercials

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner as the hard hitting questions. Why does no one fish Bass through the ice. Ice Fishing is not like being on the open water. The boys as the question, bring some research and hypothesize why Americas sport fish is just not a target during the frozen winters of the North. […]

  • EP. 13 Our Ice Fishing Past and Nintendo Switch

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner bring you a Reel AF TV Podcast fit for sitting in an ice house getting your fish on. In this episode they start off talking about ice fishing. More specifically memories and what they have learned along the short short time they have spend doing it. Part 2. The Random […]

  • EP. 11 History of The Fishing Rod and Where to go After COVID

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner come back with the typical format of Fishing and random takes from The Land of 10,000 Lakes. Here is an example of Reel AF TV’s mission. Teaching without being stuffy. Here is a history talk about fishing poles specifically. From the Egyptian paintings, Ancient Chinese “accounts” up to the coming […]