Tag: conservation

  • Ep 41 2022 MN Fishing Regs, Conservation and 16-Bit Games

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner talk fishing and random takes. This episode—even with it’s tech issues—brings Tim and Josh to the regs book. It’s a “new fishing” year in MN. The guys talk about it and talk about conservation of our fishing future. The Random Take brings the guys back to Video Games. This time…

  • EP. 20 Crappie and The NFL Draft

    Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner always talk fishing and random takes. Fishing talk goes all Crappie—see what we did there. The Crappie. A common fish here in MN and a fish both Josh and Tim are familiar with but when they get into it there is a lot to learn. Tim and Josh talk about…

  • EP. 3 Fishing Licenses and Baseball Cards

    On this special weekly drop of the Reel AF TV Podcast Tim Wagner and Josh LaBaw talk about Fishing Licensing and Baseball Cards. Licensing goes down the path of conservation and education. Baseball Cards turns into sports cards and the silly things kids do. Enjoy.