Ep 35 2022 Fishing Goals 2021 In Review

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Ep 35 2022 Fishing Goals 2021 In Review

Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner often talk fishing and random takes. This episode is a little different. It’s a new year. Not necessarily a new format or a Holiday Special. However this format is a little more loose as the boys talk about 2021 successes and learnings. Then they turn their sites to a new thing for 2022. A Fishing Goals list. See the list below, and follow Reel AF TV as they check in on the goals trough out 2022.

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Our 2022 Fishing Goals List+


  • Be ready for a good stretch of time, with cameras, for Walleye season
  • Ice Fishing for Walleye Specifically
    • *Ice Camera
  • Why are ice fishers where they are?
    • They seem to fish where I would never fish in the summer.
  • More fishing with cameras
  • Break State (MN) Dog Fish Record
  • More Fall Fishing on the water (don’t capsize)
  • Catch a fish with the Kyogur Pokemon Lure.


  • Walleye fishing for eaters – using new gear
  • Pikes – Pike Bites Reel AF TV Episode
  • Catfish Fry

Reel AF TV Goals

  • Tim’s home studio (more than Podcasting)
  • Spotify Video
  • Launch YouTube Fishing Videos

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