EP 33 Steelhead vs Rainbow Trout and Pokémon Go

Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner always talk fishing and random takes. This episode a grocery store discovery leads to the topic of what is a Steelhead Trout. That leads to Rainbow Trout and the rest is in the Podcast.

Then in the second half—The Random Take—the guys talk about a topic that has been 5 years in the making. Pokémon Go. Josh and Tim have been playing this mobile game since 2016 and they finally get to talking about it.

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00:00 Getting back on track after Halloween https://youtu.be/QUnO8xDRBr4

01:51 4,400 lbs Sunfish https://www.livescience.com/amp/colossal-sunfish-caught-off-north-african-coast

12:52 Fishing Topic: Steelhead vs Rainbow Trout

57:01 Break

57:02 Sponsor: https://patreon.com/reelaftv

01:00:20 The Random Take: Pokémon Go

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Hosted and Produced by: Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner

Mixed and Edited by: Josh LaBaw