EP 32 The Mythical Muskie and What We Watching

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EP 32 The Mythical Muskie and What We Watching

Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner always talk fishing and random takes. This episode finally tackles the “monster” of The North. The Mighty Muskellunge, or as we just call them, Muskies. They are the biggest Pike and there are plenty of Pike up in Minnesota too, but the Muskie has a whole different—almost—lore around it in the cold, cold North. The boys get into the Biology and of course fishing them.

Then in the second half—The Random Take—the guys gotta talk what they are watching. There is a big section of Rick and Morty and Tim can’t help but get into the latest Horror Movie they caught. There is much more so take a listen and come interact on social media with us and tell us what you’re watching.

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00:00 Sharks Are Older Than Trees, 100 inches of Muskie in the Same Net


09:48 Housekeeping We are on Amazon Music, Technical Difficulties Update

11:33 Fishing Topic: The Mythical Muskie

01:01:17 Break

01:01:32 The Random Take: What Are We Watching

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Hosted and Produced by: Josh LaBaw and Tim Wagner

Mixed and Edited by: Josh LaBaw